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Post COVID, Digital Transformation and Digital Services

Global consulting firm with expertise in technological and energy domains wanted us to conduct research with following requirements:

•The project involved analyzing the latest ventures in technology and engineering consulting firms (primarily SMEs) providing digital solutions to the end users. The companies were probed for their solution offerings to understand the competitor services and key areas of focus amongst various industry verticals (public, media, entertainment, finance, healthcare, insurance, utility, e-commerce, retail, mobility, manufacturing and distribution and travel and hospitality)

•The market aspects (sizing, growth, share, partnerships, competition, Covid impact) were explored to analyze the current trends for software development and digital services in the UK, and to extrapolate the future trends

The hiring strategies for the technical staff for all the companies were explored

Respondent Profile/Type:

· C Level


· CATI/Telephonic

Sample Size: 8

LOI: 60 minutes


•A thorough comparative analysis of 8 SMEs were presented along with their growth curves and engagement projects in innovation and design.

•This helped in interpreting the sector with growing requirement for design and innovation. And to understand the hiring pattern of the companies.


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