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Review the competitive environment for automated manual transmission technology (for Volvo I-shift systems) in heavy duty trucks in Japan and classify the trend of acceptance according to industry of fleet


•MartLenz planned a layout for research which was discussed and approved by client

•MartLenz planned to contact the users and non-users of client’s products for a detailed discussion to understand the gap, perception, demand pattern, competitive analysis and customer preferences

oMartLenz identified the non-users and users respondent pool (client-list was provided by the client also) to understand market coverage and brand image

oDesigning the Questionnaire – MartLenz designed the DG along with the client; number of brain-storming sessions were conducted to understand the requirement and construct an effective instrument for research

oFieldwork – We have engaged our local teams to recruit respondents face-to-face and to collate the information through dealers and suppliers

oData Cleaning and Compilation – Multi-level quality check process was implemented to ensure effective data collection

• Regular weekly sessions were conducted to discuss the fieldwork progress and results of research; changes were done in the DG based on the results that we were getting to make the process

•Story-board was prepared summarising the results as per the client's requirement; report was prepared through exhaustive primary and secondary research

Report was shared in PowerPoint format

Timeline – 6 weeks


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