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Cream Value Drivers and Pricing Study

A research survey was conducted with consumers to understand the consumption of imported dairy and blended creams across different channels to capture demand requirements, market driving force product for foodservice, and market volume to strategize demand-led supply

Respondent Profile/Type:

• Business owner


• Baker

•Pastry Chef


•Food & beverage preparation staff

•Financial team

•Management team

•Procurement team

Geographic Scope





Methodology: Telephonic + Online

Sample Size: 480

LOI: 45-50 minutes


  • The results were captured on in-house hosted survey links and the data collected was shared in excel format along with tabulations.

  • Through this research, the demands and needs for dairy cream products were captured for various channels. The matrix of cream suppliers helped to understand the market volume on performance and functionality. The research also captured data on how consumers would potentially trade-off different features and benefits when they are selecting product of their choice through randomized combination of different attribute levels (through conjoint-analysis)

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